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Oceanos Team, a research group from School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from National Technical University of Athens made its first appearance at Hydrocontest 2016, flagship event of the Hydros Foundation, an international student competition dedicated to naval energy efficiency.

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 Making History…

Meet our 2018 team

Jan 18

 Team 2017

The team grew drastically in 2017, numbering 26 members, as more
students of the school became aware of the competition
and were interested in participating. The goal was to participate in
both categories of the competition, heavyweight and lightweight, and thus
to design and construct two new boats, one for each category.
We worked in four teams: Design, Structure, Propulsion and Control and
Communication, with each member participating in one or two teams. The
team leaders for the first three teams were PhD students of the school.
The program was coordinated by the Dean Prof. Kostas Spyrou, while the
team was supervised by Assistant Prof. George Papalambrou and Prof.
Gregory Grigoropoulos.

Team Managers: Fountouli Konstantina, Tzanetos Socrates

Design Team: Kanellopoulou Aphrodite, Dafermos George, Tsioumas Panos, Lagouvardou Sotiria, Konstantinou Dimitra, Kalogris Panagiotis, Koutsoukos Konstantinos, Margari Vasiliki, Papadopoulos Fotis

Structural Design: Papadakis Astrinos, Themelakis Angelis, Tsonos Angelos, Gergis Giannis, Manikas Nikolaos, Charitopoulos Anastasios, Konstantinidis Giorgos

Propulsion and Control Team: Fotinos Michalis, Planakis Nikolaos, Seraos Apostolos, Nanopoulos Sotirios, Vlachakis Nikolaos, Konstantinidis Stavros

Communication Team: Papadopoulos Fotis, Tsaganos Leonidas, Anagnostakis George, Karadimas George

 After more than 10 months of hard work, eight members of the team flew to
St. Tropez, France, to participate in the contest. The result was more than
rewarding: the lightweight boat finished
4th among 24 participants, a great improvement from the
2016 results. In the heavyweight category, our boat finished
13th, which was a satisfying result for our first attempt in that category.

Jan 17

  Team 2016

The Greek Team made a successful first appearance with a 2.3m planning powerboat which proved to be 100% reliable, fast and competitive. In the lightweight category, during the qualification rounds NTUA took the 9th place among the 24 participating teams with time 00:01:24:84. In the knockout rounds the Greek team was narrowly eliminated by Southampton Hydro Team during a breathtaking race.

On the last day of the competition, during the long distance race Oceanos managed to be among the 4 final teams that stayed alive for 2 hours covering a total distance of almost 10km with 1kWh of energy getting again the 9th position.

All the team members were happy with the result as the powerboat had a really competitive appearance and in combination with the really low construction budget it seems that there is a big window for a better performance during next year’s contest.

The members of Oceanos 2016 were : Eleni Aloniati, Chris Bakirtzoglou, Konstantina Fountouli, Aphrodite Kanellopoulou, Dimitra Konstantinou, Dimosthenis Spathis, Aggelos Themelakis, Bill Tsarsitalidis, Stela Spiraj, Socrates Tzanetos and Theodoris Kourmpelis.

The group was coordinated by the Dean Prof. Kostas Spyrou and Profs. Gregory Grigoropoulos and John Prousalidis.

Jan 16