In 2018, Oceanos team decided not to build new boats, but to optimize the existing ones, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The team decided to fix the problems that were faced last year and add new ideas in the designs so as to optimize the boat’s performance.With thiw changes  Oceanos achieved the 5th place in lightweight category, the 13th in heavyweight category, the 11th in long distance race.



For this boat’s we used a Raspberry pi with which we made our own flight controller. It received signal from the remote control and it drove the electric motor and the servo motors. We also had live telemetry data flow for the course of our boat such as velocity, rpm, pitch, energy consumed, energy remaining, in which we had access through a computer or tablet. In addition our boat was equipped with a camera and our driver had first person view in order to handle more efficiently.


This team’s goal for 2018 was the reconstruction of the existing hull into a trimaran hull type.the main hull has a slender design, for minimization of the resistance, while the sideway obviously smaller hulls ensure the necessary stability, achieving this way the maximum performance.We decided to use two extra hulls with dimensions of 50cm*10cm*10cm.Those two hulls had really small draft, so they could glide and due to the dynamic lift they offer, they balanced the main hull, without increasing the resistance at the same time.


The construction of those hulls will be achieved with the use of fiber reinforced materials, in corporation with Technohull company, who supports us by
providing the necessary materials and expertise.


For 2018 we designed and construction of three different propellers, one propeller for each race, one propeller will be constructed for the heavyweight boat (mass transport competition) and two propellers for the lightweight boat (one for the lightweight transport competition and one for the long-distance race). By using propellers that were designed specifically to suit our boats in service, instead of using propellers available on the market, we achieved improved overall performance of our boats and high velocities.


Head coordinators

Tzanetos Sokratis

Fountouli Kostantina

Design Team

Trimaran team coordinator

Tsioumas Panos


Anagnostakis Giorgos

R&D coordinator

Kanellopoulou Afroditi

Electronics Team

Vlachakis Nikolaos

Kardaras Thodoris

Pagonas Athanasios

Sabethi Orestis

Karagiannidis Pavlos

Propeller team

propeller coordinator

Manikas Nikolaos


Anevlavi Dimitra


Gianou Maria-Georgia


Matthaiou Achilleas

Papadopoulos Menelaos

Stylianou Michalis

Meglokonomou Anastasia

Varellas Theofanis

Chatzipari Athina

Messologitis Kostantinos

Sarantopoulos Fotis